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Business Teams

Investment, Insurance, Merchant, Card, Core, Banking, and In-App Payments are our seven fields of expertise. The way we operate with domain in our business development units ensures that all external and outsourced procedures required by the product run smoothly.

Business Development teams work at Papara to pursue strategic opportunities, develop partnerships, business relationships, and identify new markets for products and services. Their work helps us to move for organic and inorganic growth. In this way, we can better manage the expectations of our users with the business development teams we have established for each product.

Technology Teams

The engineering team responsible for developing software and solutions for the features offered and to be provided in Papara works closely with the product, design and system teams. We have a unique working style special to Papara; we work in a short (1 week) software cycle compared to the industry in order to produce high-speed and accurate solutions. This enables us to offer our solutions to our internal and external users in small but frequent steps. This makes us one of the most nimble engineering teams in the industry. Our software cycle evolves on a daily basis and is fully autonomous, allowing our engineers to work as efficiently as possible.

All software development code is kept in a database environment, and our technical team provides the system infrastructure required for the product’s continuous operation; so, this is referred to as DevOps. We need to make sure that the system is always in working order.

In addition, our Business Intelligence team plays a very important role in analyzing all user and product data in Papara and creating a perspective that will determine the future direction of the product.

Product & Design Teams

As a product and design team, our goal is to provide a first-class experience while creating new features. From start to finish, from concept to finished product, we are actively participating in every step. Once an initiative is launched, we focus our attention on monitoring its progress and making necessary adjustments. If we want to provide the best possible financial services to our users, we need to pay close attention to what they have to say, learn about their problems, keep abreast of current events and respond quickly. That’s why we move forward in the light of data science.

The flows we create with our design teams are the simplest and clearest possible for the user. Maintaining the highest standards of originality and self-development are two of our primary concerns.

Marketing Teams

To build meaningful relationships with users, the marketing team conducts rigorous research on how to best communicate our message. In every project, we consider the needs of our target audience and empathize as much as possible.

Works cross-functionally across the business to support projects from inception to launch, creating marketing and news narratives, defining and executing our launch strategies. All our work enables us to build trust with all our customers.

People & Culture Teams

The main goal of the People’n Culture team is to help the company grow while maintaining the company culture. Recruiting the proper talents and managing the end-to-end recruitment cycle and talent management, being part of system transformation projects, learning projects, employer branding and performance management are important responsibilities of the department. With a strong employee experience perspective, we also want to ensure high employee engagement scores. We constantly follow trends and improve ourselves. This prevents us from falling behind the P&C agenda and helps us communicate properly with our employees.

Customer Experience Teams

Our main goal as the Customer Experience team is to find quick solutions to our users’ problems and prevent these problems from recurring. Through daily interactions with customers, support teams represent Papara with active communication every day.

We know that the continuity of our work depends on reassuring the trust of our customers. As the Papara Customer Experience team, we make decisions by putting ourselves in their shoes. We become our clients’ defenders by standing up against decisions that betray their trust. We believe that as long as we work with this vision, we will create unforgettable and different experiences for our customers.

The Customer Experience team works with different teams to provide customer feedback in areas that may need to be addressed, from compliance to product development.

Legal Teams

Our Internal Audit, Risk, Legal and MASAK teams work intensively to ensure that our users and our company are not exposed to any irregularities.

Although they are four distinct functions, the Risk, Compliance, and Audit teams frequently collaborate on various projects. Risk and Compliance teams also work cross-functionally with Legal.

All four teams are usually pivots in most areas of the business and are consulted on projects ranging from technology to customer support.

Finance Teams

Our finance team manages all financial income and expenses of our company, creates our budget and carries out all our tax processes. Working with the business units, it creates financial statements for each product and conducts feasibility studies to understand the return opportunity in the market. It guides the company’s financial roadmap and rationalizes growth.

We generate decision-ready insights to help develop products, markets and customers, improve financial resources such as cash and capital.